I’m a photographer who specializes in shooting reptiles, snakes in particular, in the field where I find them.  I have been hunting for, and finding reptiles, all of my life.  I also am always looking for Native American petroglyphs and pictographs during the times of the year when reptiles are not frequently found, mainly winter months.  I created this blog for sharing some of my more recent outings and exploits while out field “herping” and ‘glyph hunting.  As far as the animals go, I try not to list any locations specifically but use general locations.  This is due to some people collecting animals at certain specific locations with no regard to the animals, the ecosystem, or the laws in place to protect them.  I shoot with Canon equipment and I’m always learning new ways to shoot the animals.  Click on any photo to bring up a larger, more viewable, image.


Kevin Price


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  1. Excellent work. I encounter your favorite critters from time to time while doing astrophotography in the backcountry of San Diego, I respect them as well and try to give them a wide berth (after the thrill of discovery and curiousity wears off).
    Keep up the good work.

    Fred D

  2. Kevin – I enjoyed your blogpost and photographs of the Trinity Site at White Sands NM. Almost 35 years ago, while an architecture graduate student at CU Denver, I landed a co-op appointment at NPS as an historical architect. I got an unusual assignment at White Sands NM: designing a cover or shelter with a viewing port that would allow visitors to see what the desert floor actually looked like after the atomic device was tested in July 1945. As I recall, the thing I designed was a replacement for something earlier that was worn out. Never had occasion to travel there or see the structure first-hand, so it was neat to see your photograph! I am also fascinated with snakes, by the way, but in my part of the country (NC) it is usually blacksnakes and copperheads that we see most commonly. – Louis Anderson, Charlotte, NC

  3. Kevin,

    It was so nice to share the petroglyphs trip at China Lake. barbara and I are checking out the links to your other trips. Impressive.

    We look forward to checking out future posts from your adventures in the deserts.

    Kevin Down

      • Thanks Kevin I will let my wife know you’ve posted your photos.

        I was looking for something else and came across your Instagram account. There were a lot of great snake and reptile photos on the site as well. Great shots.

        Take care.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    I am trying to do some research on the “secret” pictograph rock in the little blair valley area that you wrote about. I am not asking for a location but is that rock referred to as “secret rock” or secret pictographs…is it in the same valley as the others on the sign/map?


    Steve L.

    Also going to check out the Indian Hill, Indian Gorge and Carizzo Gorge Pictographs weekend of 1/19/19.

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